Thursday, June 2, 2011

Me Made June!

YAY! I am sewing and wearing what I sew! Everyday for a whole month seems easy but I have tried and failed this challenge before. Just click on the badge to the left if you want to go check out the details on So Zo's Blog.

There is my outfit number one - I am a day behind so will HOPEFULLY do another post later today!

I LOVE this skirt - I made it when I was on a family holiday and I was doing lots of things for lots of other people including my at the time one year old terror!

My dad looked after bub for two hours on afternoon and I sat with mum in her sewing shop and made something just for me! And I was VERY pleased with the result.

Then one of the first few times I wore the skirt a stranger stopped me in woolworths and asked if I made it. I said I did and she replied;

"I dont even know if you know about it but I just wanted to say that's very 'Frankie' of you!"

I was so stoked! So now I always smile when I put this skirt on!

My biggest concern with this challenge is that despite having quiet a collection of self made clothes in my wardrobe they are all fairly summery and it is NOT very summery at the moment. So even this skirt got coupled up with some boots today.

So it looks like some sewing warmer clothes over this month! I do love a good excuse to sew for fun!

See you here again soon with another out fit!

And I hate my hair at the moment so maybe some hats are in order!